Hanuman's Leap
by Salvage Vanguard Theater

Aug. 30, 2015

COTFG: The Kraken Quartet and Elliot Cole - Hanuman's Leap
Kraken Quartet w/Elliot Cole: HANUMAN'S LEAP
7pm, August 30th SVT Main Stage

HANUMAN'S LEAP is a music drama composed and performed by Elliot Cole. Accompanied by live percussionists and a recorded choir of himself, he narrates, sings, raps and dances an adventure story from the Indian epic Ramayana. The music draws on many genres  traditional epic song, hip hop and reggae, throat singing, choral and experimental music  and combines them into something ancient and new, universal and original. He performs with four drummers, on rough drum kits of metal and wood, delivering big beats for dancing.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/elliot-cooper-cole/hanumans-leap-live-in-ann-arbor-with-willo-collective

He has performed it to rapt audiences in 15 cities, including packed shows in New York, Rome, Indianapolis, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Austin. He is excited to bring it back to his hometown with the Kraken Quartet, who will also perform selections from his percussion music.

Elliot Cole is a composer, singer and programmer. His music is performed by hundreds of groups all over the world, including So Percussion, Amadinda, and Roomful of Teeth. Born and raised in Austin, he lives outside New York and teaches music at The New School and Sing Sing correctional facility.

The Kraken Quartet is a percussion group based in Ithaca, NY. Founded in 2011, the group includes Chris Demetriou, Andrew Dobos, Taylor Eddinger, and Sean Harvey.


Hanuman's Leap
by Elliot Cole and the Kraken Quartet
Salvage Vanguard Theater

August 30, 2015
Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 E Manor Rd
Austin, TX, 78722

7 pm, August 30th SVT Main Stage

Tickets $10 plus service fee via