FronteraFest Short Fringe 2017
by FronteraFest

Jan. 27, 2017

The Knuckleball Now, by Lee Eddy, Craig Kotfas, Michael Joplin, and Ace Manning.
The Knuckleball Now is an improv comedy troupe based in Austin . . . but first and foremost, TKN is a philosophy, an energy and a way of thinking. It's all about having fun with fearless enthusiasm. It's having an unwavering faith in each other, where the brain synapses are in sync, and there is a connection through chaos. A Finalist in Austin Chronicle's Best Improv Troupe 2016, 2015 B. Iden Payne Award, Rudy Kloptic Award for Outstanding Improv Troupe and 2016 FronteraFest Best of Fest.

Dime Show Diamonds, by Candyce Rusk (JayDub Productions). 
Dime Show Diamonds is a one-act and part of a trilogy of plays forming THE RIVERVIEW STORIES, set in Chicago's Riverview Amusement Park, circa 1950. Drawing on the history of the American sideshow, each character navigates life with lyric humor and objectivity. Directed by Julianna E. Wright.

Dog, by Marla Porter.
A common problem threatens to tear a young family apart.

What to Expect When You Are King for the Day, by Paul Normandin (in association with Still Waters Theatre Productions and Ryan Hill).
Directorial support from Kenny Madison and enthusiastic inspiration from Johnny Anzollitto. Paul Normandin is a gifted raconteur who has won the Moth StorySlam twice and is the 2016 Houston GrandSlam winner. His stories range from moving to hilarious. By weaving three true stories together over 24 minutes, What to Expect When You Are King for the Day will give the audience a great ride.

Crickets, by Kim Tran, Nicole Oglesby, Zac Carr, Jonathan Flanders, Jordan Taylor, Michelle Curry (Crickets).
We explore and evaluate improvisational comedy and drama without any traditional constructs. One thing we can promise is that we will be traveling through multiple worlds, languages, theatricalities, and environments without scene changes. We pledge presence and risk. We're also hilarious.
Performances at Hyde Park Theatre. Map

FronteraFest Short Fringe 2017
by various

January 27, 2017
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

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Start time is 8 p.m.