Christmas Wishes
by The Harlequin

Nov. 25 - Dec. 17, 2016

Our first show written by the Harlequin guest. Starting this summer we will have a "gift" in the lobby where guest will be able to submit their favorite Christmas song. Christmas wishes will be a Christmas music revue written from our guest suggestions. Come back and see if your favorite Christmas song made it into the show. 



 Brian Hodges, Ashton Folsom, Stephen A Martinez, Lauren Ashley, Garrett Scot Henry, Katie Molina(via Shawn Kjos)

Christmas Wishes
by a review written by Shawn Kojs
The Harlequin

November 25 - December 17, 2016
The Harlequin
2652 Harney Road
Ft. Sam Houston, TX, 78234

Get in the holiday spirit with "Christmas Wishes" opening tonight and running through December 17th. Enjoy over 40 of your favorite Christmas songs performed by a sensational cast. Fun for all ages! Show is open to the public and tickets range from $10-$22. Call The Harlequin for reservations and ticket information. Group rates available for holiday parties! 210-222-9694

Further information at the website (click here) or the Facebook page (click here).