La Maleta de Maebelle (Maebell's Suitcase)
by Glass Half Full Theatre

Jun. 14 - Jun. 29

A bilingual adaptation of a celebrated & beloved picture book for all ages. Maebelle and her friend, a migratory bird, teach one another how to remember and how to let go of things. Featuring various styles of puppetry, environmental themes, & Colombian music by Kiko Villamizar. Featuring puppetry and performance by Stephanie Vasquez Fonseca and Gricelda Silva. Directed by Caroline Reck.


Una adaptación bilingüe de un celebrado y querido libro ilustrado para todas las edades. Maebelle y su amigo, un pájaro migratorio, se enseñan a sí mismos cómo acordarse y cómo dejarse de las cosas. Con variados estilos de títeres, temas ambientales y música Colombiana de Kiko Villamizar.  Interpretación de Stephanie Vasquez Fonseca y Gricelda Silva. Dirigido por Caroline Reck.

(via Glass Half Full )

One-hundred-and-eight-year-old Maebelle has a lot of hats. And every year she makes a hat for the town's annual hat contest. One-hundred-and-eight-year-old Maebelle has a lot of friends. And every year her friends fly south for the winter. But this year, one of her friends is left behind. Young Binkle is afraid to leave home without his beloved possessions. So he packs his things into one of Maebelle's suitcases. But he can't fly with it. It is too heavy. 

Maebelle has worked hard on her hat entry. She is very pleased with her work. But her friend Binkle needs help. She must persuade him to leave his things behind. 

This is a warm, funny story about two friends who act purely out of love. And both characters are equally unforgettable.


La Maleta de Maebelle (Maebell's Suitcase)
by Tricia Tusa, adapted by Caroline Reck
Glass Half Full Theatre

June 14 - June 29, 2024
The Vortex
2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

June 14th through June 29th, 2024

Thursdays through Sundays. Performances at 7 PM, with 4 PM matinees on Saturdays and Sundays.