Seven Nuns in Las Vegas
by S.T.A.G.E. Bulverde

May. 02 - May. 19

(via S.T.A.G.E.)When Sister Columba asks St. Joseph to take her where the weather is warm, he takes her and six other nuns to the warm sands outside Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a shock to the nuns (and St. Joseph) and the nuns have a startling effect on Las Vegas.

Directed by Steven Solti


Ted Gibbs, Ashley Fouse, Leona Eldridge, Koym Kendall (Boerne CT)

Seven Nuns in Las Vegas
by Natalie White
S.T.A.G.E. Bulverde

May 02 - May 19, 2024
1300 Bulverde Rd
Bulverde, TX, 78163

May 2, 3, 4, 2024, 8 pm, Sunday May 5- 230 pm,

May 10, 11, 8 pm, Sunday May 12- 230 pm

May 17, 18, 8 pm, Sunday May 19 230pm

S.T.A.G.E. Bulverde

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