Pale Human Garbage People
by Jarrott Productions

Apr. 03

This dark comedy centers around the Wilcox family, and everyone in town knows they are NOT a nice family. But when the opportunity to better himself comes knocking, Colby Wilcox is determined to take it. Problem is, he’ll have to get past his degenerate kinfolk to do it.

Playwright Hoppe is a UT-Austin graduate with dual degrees in English and Theatre, and has taught Advanced English on the secondary level here in Austin for the past 12 years. Previous work has been presented at Fronterafest, Scriptworks’ Out of Ink, among other showcases. In his work, Hoppe seeks to balance comedy and drama by placing characters in situations both grounded in reality and absurd in nature.

Jarrott Productions’ Opening Act Initiative provides an opportunity for emerging writers from marginalized or underserved communities in the greater Austin area to present workshop productions of previously unproduced work.

Pale Human Garbage People
by Ty Spence Hoppe
Jarrott Productions

April 03, 2024
Trinity Street Players
Black Box Theatre, 4th floor, First Baptist Church
901 Trinity Street
Austin, TX, 78701

Wednesday April 3rd, 2024 at 7:30pm

A staged reading at Trinity Street Players, 4th floor, First Austin, 901 Trinity Street, Austin