El Conquistador
by touring company

Mar. 02

Slated to explore the gritty conquest of Tenochtitlán, the opera El Conquistador by Nathan Felix delves into the infamous tale of Hernán Cortés and his interpreter, La Malinche—an enslaved Indigenous girl pivotal to his schemes.

Tapping into the veins of South Texas and Mexico’s history, Felix crafts a story of complex identities and the painful legacies that figures like Cortés have imprinted on the region. 

“I want this opera to spark conversation about our common history in what I see as shifting and surviving,” Felix told OperaWire. While the storyline wrestles with history, Felix’s approach is anything but conventional as he borrows from Brechtian methods to involve the audience directly into the performance.

The cast features Celeste Morales in the role of La Malinche, announced by The Little Carver, and recommended by her is Thomas Soto taking on Cortés, who then suggested Kimberly Sandoval for the role of Catalina.

El Conquistador
by Nathan Felix
touring company

March 02, 2024
Jo Long Theatre, Little Carver Civic Center
226 N. Hackberry St.
San Antonio, TX, 78202

March 2, 2024

Little Carver Civic Center, San Antonio