Farewell Tour
by Rude Mechs

Dec. 17, 2023

Rude Mechs Co-Producing Artistic Director Thomas Edwin Graves and chorkie Mucho Mitz Limón have spent the last three months aboard Rouenna, a wooden rowboat they built in a barn in the Adirondacks. They have rowed and sailed 1200 miles from Lake Champlain to Louisville, KY including a horse-drawn portage from the Great Lakes into the Mississippi watershed. These intrepid mariners will regale you with stories and pictures of their travels. An informal sharing of material that will be developed into a performance as their journey around the Eastern half of the US continues. 

Farewell Tour
by Thomas Graves
Rude Mechs

December 17, 2023
5305 Bolm Avenue (various)
Suite 12
Austin, TX, 78721

Sunday, December 17, 4 p.m.


Free to the public; seating is first come, first served.