An O. Henry Christmas
by Navasota Theatre Alliance

Dec. 07 - Dec. 17, 2023

(via NTA)After escaping wrongful imprisonment, a mysterious storyteller enters an abandoned railroad spur on the outskirts of New York City, Christmas Eve, 1893. In exchange for some hobo stew, "O.P." entertains a rag-tag mix of seemingly lost souls by spinning a few tales, and in the process rekindles the spirit of giving. He magically transforms the crew into players to stage O. Henry's "The Last Leaf" and "The Gift of the Magi," and others. Wordplay, trickery, sentimental holiday fare, this is a heartwarming alternative to all of those Christmas carols.

Directed by Mark Taylor.


FRAN, a New York City pickpocket who is darn good at her job, will be portrayed by Laura Beth Bodensteiner.
DINTY, a cynical artist who still hasn’t painted his masterpiece yet, will be portrayed by Steve Watkins.
AGNES, a kind and caring woman of the streets who has more insight than she realizes, will be portrayed by Laura Hanson.
GROVER, a former doctor who can’t forgive himself for something in his past, will be portrayed by Henry de la Garza.
HAL, a young, handsome, and overly ne’er-do-well from a wealthy family, will be portrayed by Jake Knowles.
MARGUERITE, a woman of the streets who has lost the will to live but not the wealth of true friends, will be portrayed by Pearlie Rowland.
“OPIE,” a fancy-talking, mysterious Southern-fried, stranger who appears on Christmas Eve and offers to swap stories for some hobo stew, will be portrayed by Keith Marrocco.
GUIDO, an Italian-American, New York City beat copy who finds himself working the rail yard beat on Christmas Eve 1893, will be portrayed by Mark Taylor.


An O. Henry Christmas
by O. Henry, adapted by Howard Burman
Navasota Theatre Alliance

December 07 - December 17, 2023
Navasota Theatre Alliance
104 W Washington Avenue
Navasota, TX, 77868

Eight performances over two weekends, December 7-17, 2023 (Thursdays—Sundays)

Navasota Theatre Alliance, 104 W. Washington Street, Navasota

Performances will be Dec. 7-14, which will include two Thursday night performances. Get tickets now and be sure to ask about our special Rail & Rye dinner package, which includes a ticket to the performance and a $40 food credit and dinner reservation before the show at Rail & Rye!

More information at the website (click HERE).