Slay- Bells: A Holiday Murder Mystery Musical
by Crown Theatre

Dec. 01 - Dec. 10

It's the final rehearsal for the Holiday Special to end all Holiday Specials. Five celebrity singers and a couple of production assistants gather in the studio to put the final touches on their solos. But a blizzard traps them all inside and one among them is a clever murderer with a penchant for killing their victims with a holiday theme. Suspicion, secrets, and polar bears lie in wait for these desperate players that remain on the brink of turning on each other. Plot twists, comedy, and parody holiday songs all gift wrapped into one Holiday Musical Murder Mystery.


(via Crown Theatre)

Slay- Bells: A Holiday Murder Mystery Musical
by Adam Rodriguez
Crown Theatre

December 01 - December 10, 2023
Austin Education Theatre
12300 Wirth Road
Unit F
Manchaca, TX, 78652

December 1st-10th, 2023

Specific dates, times, and venue to be announced (September 13, 2023)