Betting on Bloodshed
by Playhouse 2000

Oct. 20 - Nov. 05, 2023

The new manager of Las Vegas’s Flying Flamingo Hotel and Casino iscleaning house and getting rid of all the usual suspects. And one of them might just want him dead.

Is it one of the show girls? The dealer? The nun? The magician? His mom?  It’s up to you to find out. 

An Interactive Murder Mystery by Will Murdock

You can choose the “regular audience” seats or the special “Dinner and a Show” seats - either way you’ll enjoy desserts by Rails, and your vote will determine this show’s surprising ending. Be there for all the fun! 


Gladys – Terri Conatore

Goldie – Taylor Seymour Newton

Edna – Jessica Sturm

Rhonda Priest – Stephanie Weinke

Kevin’s Mom – Patsy Kimes

Sister Mary Bertram – Dakota Edwards

Kevin the Magnificent – Rain Snyder

Dick Dickson – Jason Rittiman

Ed – Mark Sturm

Ralphie – Brandon Newton

Oscar – Brad Gilbert

Kohl Spector – Tyler Forsythe

Waitresses / Dealers – Christine Jackson, Thresa Holden, Skylar Powell, Gena Daniels

Betting on Bloodshed
by Will Murdock
Playhouse 2000

October 20 - November 05, 2023
VK Garage Theatre
at Cailloux Cultural Center
305 Washington Street
Kerrville, TX, 78028

October 20 through November 5, 2023

The VK Garage Theater