Jekyll & Hyde, the musical
by Georgetown Palace Theatre

Oct. 06 - Nov. 05, 2023

Jekyll and Hyde tells the story of man’s struggle between good and evil, and the duality that exists within all of us. 

Dr. Henry Jekyll and the people around him in his upper-class circle such as his fiancé Emma Carew, his best friend and lawyer John Utterson, and Emma’s father, Sir Danvers Carew, who is the head of the board of directors at the hospital Jekyll works at, have little to no understanding and connection to the dangerous and miserable lives of London’s poorer communities.  Jekyll’s eyes are opened a bit when a young prostitute and burlesque performer, Lucy Harris, befriends him and comes to him for aid after she is savagely beaten by a client. 

Denied a test subject for his serum by the board of directors for the hospital, which he is convinced will eradicate evil from the souls of mankind, Dr. Jekyll tests the formula on himself only to accidentally unleash his own inner demons in the guise of Edward Hyde, a savage, hedonistic monster who takes a more sinister interest in Lucy. 

As Jekyll struggles a losing battle to control Hyde, Edward begins to exact revenge for Henry, systematically murdering the board of directors who denied Jekyll his requests.  As Hyde gains strength and control, Dr. Jekyll must take desperate action to prevent Hyde from harming those closest to him and taking over his life completely.



Jekyll & Hyde, the musical
by Frank Wildhorn, Steve Cuden, Leslie Bricusse
Georgetown Palace Theatre

October 06 - November 05, 2023
Georgetown Palace Theatre
810 South Austin Avenue
Georgetown, TX, 78626

October 6 - November 5, 2023

Georgetown Palace Theatre

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