The Curse of the Aching Heart
by StageCenter Community Theatre

Aug. 10 - Aug. 26, 2023

Not to be confused with the song of the same name by Frank Sinatra and many others, this “Aching Heart” is the story of ... well that doesn’t matter. It has the requisite damsel in destress, the good guy in the white hat and the horrible bad guy. Get ready to throw your popcorn and boo to your heart’s content.

Directed by the queen of melodramas, Jennifer Hargis.

The Curse of the Aching Heart
by Herbert Swayne
StageCenter Community Theatre

August 10 - August 26, 2023
StageCenter Community Theatre
218 N Bryan Avenue
Bryan, TX, 77803

“The Curse of the Aching Heart” by Herbert W. Swayne, Aug. 10-26, 2023.