Bound by Truth
by Classic Theatre of San Antonio

Mar. 26, 2023

Bound by Truth by Sheila Rinear tells the story of Margaret “Meg” More Roper, daughter of Sir Thomas More, a literate woman in an age of male-dominated religious and political strife. 

“Margaret More Roper was the leading female intellectual of the 16th century whose biography and contributions to women’s literacy and education have been largely ignored,” said Sheila Rinear. “Meg Roper is the prototype for the modern professional woman. The mother of five children, she was not only an esteemed educator and writer but was the most significant translator, male or female, of the 16th century. Beyond all that, she was unafraid to challenge the authority of the notorious King Henry VIII. She is one of my favorite heroes and I believe it’s time for her to step out of the shadow cast by her father’s martyrdom and subsequent sainthood.”


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The play has already won multiple accolades including:


  • #2 on Red List, Coverfly Red List of Top 20 History Plays , 2021
  • Finalist, Screencraft Stage Play Contest, SCREENCRAFT, LA, 2020
  • Semi-Finalist, Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition, Austin Film Festival, 2018 Development Grant, Dramatists Guild Foundation, 2017
  • Semi-Finalist, New Play Award, Playwrights First, 2016


About the Playwright

 Playwright and screenwriter Sheila Rinear is a San Antonio artist. Sheila Rinear has received grants, commissions, and awards for her work resulting in development, productions, publication, and readings nationally. She is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America, PWC, ScriptWorks, and HonorRoll. She is represented by Leicester Bay Theatricals, and her published plays include A Day Without Palestine, Counter Intelligence, The Ransom Note (or Sweet Lily’s Peril), and Lifelines. Bound by Truth was commissioned by Access to Art, developed by The Classic Theatre of San Antonio, a finalist in Screen Craft’s 2019 Stage Drama competition, 2nd Rounder in the Austin Film Festival, and sitting at #2 on Coverfly’s LA Red List of the 20 best-written history plays. Sheila writes plays “because it is how I best connect my life with a world that I am at once terrified of and optimistic for.”

More About Sheila Rinear

The play has an impressive group of artists who will create design drawings to help make the story come to life, including Michael McDonald as the costume designer whose Broadway credits include a Tony award nomination for the Hair 2009 Revival, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan, The Goat or Who is Sylvia, and Take Me Out; Matthew Herman as the scenic designer whose credits include associate designs for Escape to Margaritaville (La Jolla Playhouse) and Emojiland (off Broadway/National Tour); and Brandon Rosen as the lighting designer whose Broadway credits include associate designs for Thoughts of a Colored Man and Diana: The Musical. The reading will be directed by Christi Eanes. 

The cast for Bound by Truth includes:

Iza J. Garza as Margaret Roper

Allan Ross as Thomas More

Vincent Hardy as Desiderius Erasmus

Terri Ross as Alice More

Kacey Roye as Dorothy Colly

Tyson Price as Will Roper

Mark Stringham as King Henry VIII

Jim Mammarella as Thomas Cromwell

Mateo Orozco Davila as Henry Fitzroy 

Fernanda Rodriguez as Princess Mary

Joe De Mott as Narrator 

Over the last eight years, The Classic Theatre of San Antonio has been working with Ms. Rinear to develop Bound by Truth for the mainstage. This reading will feature design renderings for possible future productions at other theatres by Broadway professionals. The Classic Theatre of San Antonio is dedicated to creating and participating in community conversations here in San Antonio and to supporting local theatre artists.

  • 2nd Rounder at Austin Film Festival’s Playwriting Competition, Austin, TX (2018)
  • Competitively Selected for Reading at The Dramatists Guild National Conference, New York, NY (2018)
  • International Women’s Voice Day: Reading at The Classic Theatre of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX (2018)
  • Dramatists Guild Fund Development Workshop and Public Reading of Bound by Truth at The Classic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio, TX (June 2017)
  • Dramatists Guild Fund Development Workshop Bound by Truth, The Classic Theatre San Antonio, San Antonio, TX (November 2016)
  • Finalist in NYC’s Playwrights First National Competition, New York, NY (June 2016)
  • Commissioned by the Access to Art to research and write a play about Margaret More Roper (2015)

About Mission Concepción

 The Classic Theatre of San Antonio is proud to partner with Las Misiones, the nonprofit charged with preserving the historic mission churches. We want to thank Mission Concepción for opening the church for this staged reading! 

Dedicated in 1755, Mission Concepción appears very much as it did over two centuries ago. It stands proudly as the oldest unrestored stone church in America. In its heyday, colorful geometric designs covered its surface, but the patterns have long since faded or been worn away. However, original frescos are still visible in several of the rooms.

More About Mission Concepción




Bound by Truth
by Sheila Rinear
Classic Theatre of San Antonio

March 26, 2023
Mission Concepción
807 Mission Road
San Antonio, TX, 78210

March 26, 2023, at 4 PM

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this one-night-only staged reading!

 Mission Concepción
807 Mission Road, San Antonio, TX 78210

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