So When Are You Leaving?
by Boerne Community Theatre

Jan. 20 - Feb. 05, 2023

Maggie Dunleavy has enjoyed living a rather serene, solitary life in her quiet coastal community…until recently. Her middle-aged daughter has been sent home from the convent with a drinking problem that the archbishop’s already provided 7 rehab attempts for. Besides her own daughter, Maggie’s ex-daughter-in-law has been dripping uncharacteristic altruism and concern all over Maggie, alerting Maggie to the fact her ex-daughter-in-law probably wants something. Plus, Maggie’s got a medical problem of her own that she needs her son to come home and help her resolve. And so, Mrs. Dunleavy’s issued and invitation: to her lovably dysfunctional family AND an eccentric live-in AA Sponsor for her daughter. They are invited to come celebrate a family Fourth of July at the Dunleavy home near the sea. When the family gathers, so do their resentments and suspicions of each other’s motivations in showing up.

By Sheila Rinear


So When Are You Leaving?
by Sheila Rinear
Boerne Community Theatre

January 20 - February 05, 2023
Boerne Community Theatre
907 E. Blanco Rd.
Boerne, TX, 78006

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