The Journey of the Wise Men
by Monica Ballard

Dec. 10 - Dec. 18

The Journey of the Wise Men returns to the campus of Wizard Academy for December 2022 after a 2-year hiatus with some all-new elements and effects. This walking Nativity Trail has a Renaissance feel, as though Leonardo di Vinci might have staged it.

The Journey of the Wise Men
by Monica Ballard
Monica Ballard

December 10 - December 18, 2022
Wizard Academy
16221 Crystal Hills Dr
Austin, TX, 78737

PERFORMANCE WEEKEND # 1  S aturday & Sunday, December 10th & 11th – 6 pm – 9 pm

PERFORMANCE WEEKEND #2  Saturday & Sunday, December 17th & 18th - 6 pm – 9 pm 

For the first time ever in its 12 year history, this event is not free to the public, and, in order to control crowds and maintain some distance, only 20 to 25 guests will tour over 2 weekends Tours will leave every half hour between 6 PM and 9  PM.