Fire and Brimstone Awards
by Vortex Repertory Theatre

Oct. 01, 2022


 Join VORTEX family and friends in Austin to celebrate the excellence of the past three Covid-disrupted seasons with The VORTEX’s Fire and Brimstone Awards on Saturday, October 1, 2022 from 9:30pm-12:30am. We gather to honor the work of the last three challenging artistic years—2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22. Over VORTEX’s 34 years, Producing Artistic Director, Bonnie Cullum, has annually presented Fire Awards to honor artists and technicians for their achievements and Brimstone Awards to roast notable gaffs about which we can finally laugh. We also honor dozens of long-time VORTEXians and our more than a thousand years of cumulative experience together!!

Some shows that we are honoring include: Más Cara, FuturX Festival, The Mutt-Cracker (SWEET!) Click, Annie Danger’s The Hands That Feed You, good friday, COVIDecameron, The VORTEX Odyssey, The Odyssey: Underworld, La Raza Cosmica, Wildcraft, Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven, SYT Pandemdem Edition: Another Great Depression, Straitjacket: Variations on a Theme of Horror, Rap Unzel, Malum Malus, Plagues within Plagues, Obituary, Peckin the Crown, Selfie: The Musical, i see you, you’re seen, Diverse Space Dance, Tales of a Blerd Ballerina, Mr. Burns, a post-electric play, and Edit Annie.

Come celebrate Saturday, October 1, 2022 at The VORTEX. Light hors d’oeuvres and cash bar at 9:30 pm. Awards will start on the Eloise Stage after 10 pm. Festive attire encouraged. Donations welcome.

The VORTEX is funded and supported in part by VORTEX Repertory Company, Six Square Austin’s Black Cultural Arts District, and by the Texas Commission on the Arts.



Fire and Brimstone Awards
by The Vortex, Austin
Vortex Repertory Theatre

October 01, 2022
Vortex Repertory Theatre
2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

The VORTEX’s Annual and Brimstone Awards

Saturday, October 1, 2022 

9:30-12:30 Gathering, light hors d’oeuvres, cash bar

Where: The VORTEX, 2307 Manor Rd.  Austin, TX 78722

The Butterfly Bar @ The VORTEX is open nightly at 5 pm

Tickets: Free Admission.  Donations welcome.  Festive attire.