by Hyde Park Theatre

Aug. 04 - Sep. 03

Judith, dressed as a man, moves to London to stand trial in her absent brother's place. When the trial goes badly, Judith begins to write plays to please the Queen and restore her brother's good name.  This solo show about ambition, artistry, love, and Shakespeare is directed by Madge Darlington (you know her from Austin's world-renowned Rude Mechs) and features Taylor Flanagan. 

by Olivia D'Ambrosio, Katie Bender
Hyde Park Theatre

August 04 - September 03, 2022
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

Mark your calendars: the play runs August 4 - September 3, 2022 at HPT.

More forthcoming from Hyde Park Theatre, Austin. (June 10, 2022)