God of Carnage
by Silent House Theatre (SH.)

Jul. 08 - Jul. 17, 2022

2 families trying to solve a simple dispute between 2 sons. Shouldn’t take too long and we’ll probably all be home by dinner….right? Not quite.
God of Carnage follows 2 sets of parents who don’t quite see eye to eye in regards to parenting or….anything else.
This show will make you laugh, make you cringe, and will most likely be oddly relatable, although you’ll never want to admit that out loud!
(Photo by L Larsen)
Feature by Jonathan Kinder, Waco Insider, July 14, 2022

God of Carnage
by Jasmina Reza
Silent House Theatre (SH.)

July 08 - July 17, 2022
McLennan Community College
1400 College Drive
Waco, TX, 76708

We cannot wait to perform this July 8-10th and 15-17th, 2022 (with opening night being interpreted for the Deaf).

At McLennan Community College, Waco.

Tickets for this show are LIVE on our website at silenthousetheatre.com !