The Bacchae
by The Problematics

May. 14 - May. 16, 2022

We are creating a contemporary and absurdist adaptation of Euripides’ The Bacchae - an ancient Greek tragedy based on the initiation of the rites of Dionysus into a prideful culture that has lost its connection to the simple pleasures of life and its humble humanity. Our production team has spent the last few months re-writing the ancient text to address some of our own concerns about our current culture and we are ready to put it on its feet. Together, we are creating an intimate outdoor theatrical experience and want people of all theatre and non-theatre backgrounds to audition for the roles. We are mostly concerned about folks being able to commit to our FULL rehearsal schedule as the process will be essential to developing the final performance.

The Bacchae
by Euripides
The Problematics

May 14 - May 16, 2022
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

More forthcoming from The Problematics (March 5, 2020)