Far from Avalon AND Not My Mother
by Angela Moira Loftus

Apr. 30


A double bill of original dramatic and comic pieces written by Lorella Loftus

Mother and daughter team, Lorella and Angela Loftus perform two original theatrical pieces written by Lorella Loftus with original musical composition by Vikki Schwarz. Angela Loftus performs Far From Avalon and Lorella Loftus performs Not My Mother. Jeff Hinkle directs. Vikki Schwarz plays keyboard with Stephen Trudell on percussion.

Far From Avalon:

A short musical Arthurian fantasy about a crisis on the Isle of Avalon. Lady Vivienne tells the story and sings, accompanied by keyboard and percussion. Avalon is beginning to wither as people stop believing in the Old Ways. With the help of her priestesses and the cauldron, Lady Vivienne must come up with strategies (which include Arthur, Merlin, and Morgan la Fey) to stop the decay and make Avalon bloom again. This show was produced at the Hyde Park FronteraFest play festival in 2019.

Not My Mother:

A short one-woman comedy about a grown-up daughter’s relationship with her mother. Told within the framework of a woman’s encounters with a “friend,” the story is about the mother’s eccentricities and the various conflicts we can all identify with. By the end, the daughter achieves a new understanding of the relationship with her mother and finds a way to mend it. This show includes original music.

Far from Avalon AND Not My Mother
by Lorella Loftus
Angela Moira Loftus

April 30, 2022
Curia Arcanum's House of Curiosities
5924 S. Congress Aveneue
Austin, TX, 78745

Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 7 pm. One performance only. Very limited seating so book early! 

Curia Arcanum’s House of Curiosities

5924 S. Congress Ave., #23

AUSTIN, Texas 78745

The venue is tucked away in a complex where businesses are located along the front (facing South Congress) and condos are directly behind. A giant 8” Thoth guards the doors and helps you find your way.

$15 per regular ticket. $10 for students and seniors. 

For tickets, please call or text 512-771-3447 and leave your name and phone number.