Mother Teresa: The Beginnings
by The Great Commission Theatre Company

Feb. 26

Mother Teresa: The Beginnings is presented with permission from the Mother Teresa Center, a non-profit organization established and directed by the religious family founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Missionaries of Charity.  The historical play begins with Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu at age five and takes us on the journey as she experiences a "call within a call." Driven by a mighty faith, Mother Teresa responds to Christ's boundless love for her and for all of humanity, bringing to the world a great lesson in joyful and selfless love. This play is a glimpse at how it all began.


Directed by Veronica Montalvo, Mother Teresa: The Beginnings is master class on obedience, patience, and above all, love for Jesus. “From a young age, we can see the strong influence of her devout mother that became the foundation for her future apostolate.”  Montalvo continues, “Our prayer is that through this production, we can inspire others to listen to their inner voice, to not be afraid of the unknown, and to do everything with love.  It is only through love and charity that we can share the person of Jesus with others.”The historical play, written by the Mother Teresa Center, begins with Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu at age 5 and takes us on the journey of her extraordinary call from God to become the Mother of the poor at age 40.


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We are proud to announce the cast of MOTHER TERESA: THE BEGINNINGS!

Roze/Mother Provincial - Sharon Beales

Archbishop Ferdinand Perier - Andrew Cortez

Mother Teresa - Melanie Eng

Drana Bojaxhiu - Laura Garza

Nicholas Bojaxhiu/Fr. van Exem - Hector Montalvo

Lazar - Rocco Montalvo

Commander Thorton/Fr. Julian Henry - Jacob Quesada

Nirmala - Paulina Quesada

Mrs. Gazuri/Mother Cenacle - Diana Sarfin

Aga/Subhashini/Sr. Stephanie - Sel Tope

Young Aga/Magdalena/Sr. Sophie - Maryann Valerio

Franja/Mother Superior - Alicia Whitworth


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Mother Teresa: The Beginnings
by Mother Teresa Center
The Great Commission Theatre Company

February 26, 2022
Thiry Auditorium
Our Lady of the Lake University
entrance at 411 S.W. 24th Street
San Antonio, TX, 78207


The Great Commission Theatre presents Mother Teresa: The Beginnings, a stage play, February 26, 2022, in the Thiry Auditorium located at Our Lady of the Lake University 411 SW 24th St, San Antonio, TX 78207.

The reserved seating ticket price range is $15 to $25 and can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 210-343-1122. 

Mother Teresa: The Beginnings has a run time of 90 minutes.  This is the first time the show is being produced in the United States.   

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