by University of Texas Theatre & Dance

Dec. 09 - Dec. 10, 2021

A distorted, inaccurate and entirely unfaithful adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear from the point of view of the adult children who turned their backs on their fathers. Lee’s LEAR is an absurdist tragedy about familial piety, despair, and the end of life.

LEAR by Young Jean Lee

Directed by Mike Steele, Lighting Design by Sarah Jean Elliott, Costume Design by Harri Horsley

FEATURING: Mahagany Adair, Hayden Daniel Cox, Zachary Gamble, Sarah Chong Harmer, Valeria Najera Zavala 


Content Warnings:

This production contains adult language/themes and simulated violence. 

Strobe lighting effects will be used during this performance. Patrons that may suffer from epilepsy & other visual light stimulation effects are advised to contact the producers or consult the house manager before entering the theater. 

by Young Jean Lee
University of Texas Theatre & Dance

December 09 - December 10, 2021
5305 Bolm Avenue (various)
Suite 12
Austin, TX, 78721

Thursday and Friday, December 9 and 10, 2021, 8 p.m.


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