Our Lady of the Sacred Part - Vulva Pope
by The Vortex

Jan. 15, 2021

“This is the day the Goddess has made. We don’t take shit from nobody.”


We welcome Marina DeYoe-Pedraza's reverently irreverent ceremony celebrating the feminine to The VORTEX Virtual Stage! Our Lady of the Sacred Part: Vulva Pope features object puppetry, readings from historical badass chingonas, and a full mass service. ‘Vulva Pope…’ and addresses systemic issues that womxn experience in regard to healthcare, sexism, and sex education (or the lack thereof), through the perspectives of the objects that are used/owned by womxn.

Marina DeYoe-Pedraza is an Ohio-Rican raised in the Rio Grande Valley. Marina graduated from Hofstra University with a BFA in Performance. Marina has lived in Austin for the past five years performing as an actor, dancer, and puppeteer. She has worked with Teatro Vivo, Scottish Rite Theatre, Theatre en Bloc, The Vortex, Avante Teatro, Trinity Street Players, and Scriptworks. She is a company member of Glass Half Full Theatre and Ballet East. She is a staff member of Salvage Vanguard Theatre, and a co-producer for the 14/48 Play festival. Her performance in Las Aventuras de Enoughie earned her a B.Iden Payne for best actor in a Children's Show. She played Virginia in Trouble Puppet's production of "American Blood Song" which was nominated for the B.Iden Payne award for best puppetry. 
Tickets for just $5! Proceeds support the artist and The VORTEX. This is an online event. Tickets will be available January 1st by 5pm.
Playwright/Performer: Marina DeYoe-Pedraza
Director: Mikala Gibson
Dramaturgy: Gricelda Silva
Director of Photography: Ana Treviño
Assistant Camera: Bella Rothenflue
Scenic Design: Vero Mognato
Technical Director: Thomas Dernick
Cunty Congregation:
Erica Saucedo
Gricelda Silva
Lori Navarette
Olivia Jimenez
Taji Senior

Our Lady of the Sacred Part - Vulva Pope
by Marina DeYoe-Pedraza
The Vortex

January 15, 2021
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700

When: January 15th – 24th, 2021, 8 PM 
Fridays through Sundays only – 6 performances!

All Tickets: $5.  Buy tickets HERE. Your passcode and link for the online player will be emailed to you upon purchase. This is like an in-person show, and you must be prepared to watch at 8 pm on your selected date.