Conspiracy Play
by Less Than Three Theatre

Oct. 22 - Nov. 07

Conspiracy Play: A Halloween Event Too Close To Home

Less Than Three is proud to present our haunting choose-your-own-adventure, ​Conspiracy Play,​ from October 22nd through November 7th​. Conspiracy Play​ is recommended for audiences that are 17+, will take place on Facebook, and requires video and audio capabilities from the participants.

Led by Problematic-Patriot, audiences will listen to fringe theorists to figure out who is the liar among them. Patrons’ interaction and decisions will directly affect the artistic experience and audience members may receive emails and/or direct messages giving them inside information that may prove vital. ​Conspiracy Play​ was built using video game theory, theatrical devising, and improvisational techniques.

Conspiracy Play ​was conceived by Less Than Three in collaboration with artists from Austin, Houston, Dallas, Washington, New York, and Chicago. Ticket prices are $15 per screen and tickets are very limited.

Less Than Three’s mission is to disrupt current theatrical practices through immersive artistic experiences.

For more information about Less Than Three, please visit ​​ or​.

Conspiracy Play
by ensemble
Less Than Three Theatre

October 22 - November 07, 2020
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700


Conspiracy Play

online via Less Than Three Facebook Groups

October 22 through November 7, 2020

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM (Central Time)

Tickets $15 excluding service fees, available online HERE.