Public Property
by Laura Neill

Mar. 28

Everyone has their own mythology of the park: this is my tree, this is my bench, this is my land. Ghosts of soldiers, bored kids climbing trees, overjoyed couples, mourning parents, even the trees themselves, all of these beings cross paths day after day at a place they believe belongs to them. When part of the park is closed down, what happens to all these mythologies... and the deep emotions attached to them?

A staged reading is a presentation of the play by actors who will be using scripts. Because this play is set in the park, the park itself is the backdrop. This is a brand new play-in-progress created with the support of the ScriptWorks Groundwork Grant and the City of Austin, as well as the support of the Pease Park Conservancy. 

A staged reading of PUBLIC PROPERTY, a new play by Laura Neill
directed by Anna Skidis Vargas
Starring Sarah Chong Harmer, Nick Kaidoo, Kim Li Carlson, and Katy Atkinson.

Dramaturgy by Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel.

Public Property
by Laura Neill
Laura Neill

March 28, 2020
Pease Park's Live Oak Meadow
2210 Parkway
Pease Park
Austin, TX, 78703


Saturday, March 28, 2020 seating at 2:45 pm, reading at 3pm
Pease Park's Live Oak Meadow (yes, in the park!)
2210 Parkway, Austin, TX, 78703

Open to all. Audience members should bring blankets and/or chairs to sit on, as this will be an informal presentation in the park (no seating provided). There will be a dedicated area for audience members using wheelchairs or other assistive devices.