Stardom, the musical
by Stardom Ensemble Creations

Oct. 04 - Oct. 20


Stardom the musical is a new myth for the human family…an adventurous journey through the evolution of life...the love story of Everywoman and Everyman (Ava and Tar) the arch-types of Adam and Eve. Ava and Tar are guided on their journey by their wise and caring mother, Maya Earth; their flamboyant father, Leon the Sun, and their teachers and guides; the comical and eccentric planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.


In pursuit of Stardom, Ava and Tar journey from the oneness of the garden, through history, into the duality of modern times. As their visions of the future grow increasingly different, they become alienated and disconnected from each other, and their mother, Earth.  They are tested in the present time to reconnect or self-destruct, which is the greatest test of our age. 


Stardom the musical explores the balance between our longing for fame, against the deeper and more spiritual wealth that awaits us in a world based on love, caring and sharing. It dramatizes the evolution of the man/woman relationship, through time, and brings us to a deeper understanding and compassion for the innocence and integrity we all share beneath our social conditioning. 


STARDOM is a spectacle, in every sense of the word, but like the musical RENT, it has intimacy of character and situation. Like LION KING, it is full of healthy fun and humor, for audiences of all ages. And indeed, like HAIR, it explores the major themes of our generation, tracing the evolution of consciousness and the emergence of the feminine as a prime mover in the transformation of our planet. The final song of the show, “CREATE”, envisions a more conscious world, and invites the audience to “Shine Their Light” and come together to create it, with “Freedom of The Spirit and Heart.”


The lobby of the Star*Dome will have booths occupied by organizations that resonate with our themes (Friends of the Earth for example), who are ready and willing to assist the audience in linking up with those of similar interests to “Shine Their Light”.


Stardom’s composers are Jon Williams and Hugh Douse of Kingston Jamaica and Brian Snyder from the U.S. The book and lyrics are by Dino DeFilippi.




SPARKLE is an early teenager; an old soul in a young body, bright and ingenuous, preferably with outstanding dance and gymnastic skills. 


MAYA is in her thirties: a robust and soulful Jamaican/African Rastafarian woman with unassuming power and a great capacity for love and devotion. 


LEON (The Sun) is in his mid-forties or older: tall and well built; an imposing figure, exuding great authority. 


AVA (Every-woman) is in her mid-twenties to early thirties, average height and weight. Her nature is warm, tender, loving and eager to express itself. But she compensates for a lack of self-trust by being considerate to a fault, struggling to trust her inner feelings. Living by her truth is her greatest challenge. 


TAR (Every-man) is in his mid-twenties to early thirties, average height and weight. He transforms from an innocent youth; full of curiosity and compassionate heart, into a demanding and power seeking man. In spite of this, he retains an endearing sympathetic charm.  


LUNA (The Moon) is in her twenties or older; spunky, spontaneous, and opinionated, with a rebellious nature. 


MERCURY is in his twenties: emotionally naïve, but amiable, inquisitive and intellectually sharp.


VENUS is a luscious beauty, oozing sensuality and femininity, with a loving gentility; a kind of mature innocence, but sometimes seeming not too bright. Her age range is between 30 and 50.


MARS is a macho man with exaggerated self-confidence and limited mental capacity, powerfully built and reactive. He could be in his thirties or older. 


JUPITER is in his fifties or older, with a rotund body: jovial, flamboyant and prone to over-indulgence; with great rhetorical skills. 


SATURN is controlled and controlling, self-aggrandizing and fastidious. He can be in his forties or older. 


URANUS is in his forties, rational, logical, pragmatic and self-involved; a bit of a mad scientist.


NEPTUNE is an older mature woman: gaunt, imposing, and dignified, with an eccentric manner and flowing articulate speech. 


PLUTO is in his thirties or older: tall and lean or short and wiry. He is eloquently silver tongued with an understated, immovable sense of confidence and power.  


THE CHORUS PLAY THE ANIMALS and the PEOPLE OF EARTH: all ages and races. 


THE STARS OF THE U-NIVERSE are projections of star-faces in the firmament.

Stardom, the musical
by Dino de Filippi, Jon Williams, Hugh Douse, Bryan Snyder
Stardom Ensemble Creations

October 04 - October 20, 2019
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

Dates estimated; one year from first prospectus received. (September 30, 2018)