Murdered to Death
by StageCenter Community Theatre

Apr. 04 - Apr. 20

Murdered to Death is both a spoof of and homage to English mysteries, especially Agatha Christie's.  Set in the 1930's in a country manor, it contains a cast of characters guaranteed to delight.  The audience can only wonder whodunnit: the butler, the shady French art dealer, the socialite, the Colonel, who knows?  Will the inept Inspector figure it out before everyone meets their doom, or will the audience die laughing first? 

Murdered to Death
by Peter Gordon
StageCenter Community Theatre

April 04 - April 20, 2019
StageCenter Community Theatre
201-B West 26th Street
in Historic Downtown above Mr. G's Pizza In the old 3rd Floor Cantina
Bryan, TX, 77803

More forthcoming from StageCenter Community Theatre, Bryan. (May 26, 2018)