Birdskin, or What You Do For Money, Honey
by Salvage Vanguard Theater

Feb. 23, 2019

Salvage Vanguard Theater introduces you to Sera in Eva Suter’s work in progress Birdskin, Or What Do You Do For Money, Honey. Sera’s debt has taken debt and her loans have their own loans. Desperate and broke, she takes an offer from a mysterious woman. Loosely inspired by The Brothers Grimm’s “Bearskin” --Sera will use no computers, phones (or even write letters), she will not sleep (or really sit still), and she will live (mostly) as a grackle, among the city’s hoard of feathered beasts, for seven years. But hey, on the other side, Sera’s promised she’ll be in the clear. Hopefully. Sometimes time is the best currency you’ve got.


Written and Directed by Eva Suter

Dramaturge Rachel Gilbert




Eva Suter is a writer and theatre artist based in Austin, TX. Hailing from the Great NorthWest, she was a founding member of The Working Theatre Collective, a DIY based company dedicated to the production of new and devised works, in Portland, Oregon. An alum of the Great Plains Theatre Conference and the WildWind Performance Lab, Eva was Theatre Masters' Visionary Playwright of 2015. Medusa, A Perfectly Normal Girl was awarded the Portland Drammy for best new play in Spring 2011 and the Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship in Drama in 2012. Back here in Austin, Eva is a frequent collaborator in the 14/48, and Hold Me Well (Bay Area Playwright’s Finalist) received its premier in 2015 with Shrewd Productions. By night She concocts concoctions and repeats the same dumb jokes – while slinging drinks and fine fare at L’Oca d’Oro.

Birdskin, or What You Do For Money, Honey
by Eva Suter
Salvage Vanguard Theater

February 23, 2019
Hicks House
30th Street & Speedway
Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Austin, TX, 78705

Salvage Vanguard Theater Announces Works Progress Austin:

Birdskin, Or What Do You Do For Money, Honey by Eva Suter

February 23rd 2019, Saturday at 8pm

Hicks House at Austin Seminary

100 E 27th St. Austin, TX 78705

TICKETS: $0-$25 online or at the door

The box office opens at 7 pm

Performance at 8 pm

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