Riveted Rosie
by FronteraFest

Jan. 21 - Jan. 26, 2019
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Dr. Ramone and Dr. Truffledina must find the defect in a "female" robot acting erratically. Ola Mae Baartman, Director of Liaisons for Hephaestus Enterprises Inc., is %@#*. Oh, and there is one very confused Dick, the robot owner. What will the tests confirm? What can be done for her . . . it? Will you help solve the mystery of Mutt?
(90 minutes)


Riveted Rosie
by James E. Burnside (Travelling Troupe)

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday,
January 21 - January 26, 2019
Ground Floor Theatre
979 Springdale Rd
Austin, TX, 78702

Mon. 1/21 8:45pm; Weds. 1/23 7:00pm; Fri. 1/25 8:45pm; Sat. 1/26 6:00pm
Jan 21st, Jan 25th at 8:45pm;Jan 23rd at 7:00pm;Jan 26th at 6:00pm 
Tickets: $17 
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