Borinquen Sana
by Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center

Dec. 06 - Dec. 09, 2018

On Sept 20, 2017 Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, a devastating hurricane -- one whose power had not been felt
in 80 years! This play is a tribute to the Elders whose wisdom and experience helped their communities survive the
weeks and months without electricity, water, food, or communications. 

Original play features a large multi-ethnic cast including professional actors, acting students, dancers, musicians and performing arts students.

Borinquen Sana
Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center

December 06 - December 09, 2018
Boyd Vance Theatre
George Washington Carver Center
1165 Angelina Street,
Austin, TX, 78702


Borinquen Sana - 16th original musical - debuts Dec 8-9, 2018 at the Carver Theatre!


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