Dancing at Lughnasa
by Temple Civic Theatre

Nov. 30 - Dec. 09, 2018

In this 1991 Olivier Award winner, Brian Friel weaves an unforgettable tale of five unmarried sisters in the village of Ballybeg more than fifty years ago. Their simple pleasures are few: a rare cigarette for Maggie, fresh bilberries for Rose, weak music barely discernible through the static of a faulty radio for Agnes. They are caught up nursing their brother Jack, a priest returned from 25 years in an African leper colony. His stories of pagan celebration are shocking and exciting at the same time. The sisters’ dream of dancing at the harvest festival, but the eldest, Kate, dashes their hopes with a harsh reminder that they are not girls any longer.  And when the youngest, Chris’ wandering lover appears, he and she dance through the fields to music only they can hear.

Set in the fictional Irish village of Ballybeg, Ireland, Dancing at Lughnasa is a memory play, told from the perspective of an adult Michael. He recalls one summer at his aunts’ home when he was seven years old. The five Mundy sisters, all unmarried, live in a big cottage just outside of the small village. Their older brother, Jack, a Catholic priest, who has lived in a Ugandan leper colony, has recently returned home. He is suffering from malaria, has trouble remembering many things and has also clearly lost his faith. Meanwhile Michael’s father, Gerry, pops in and out of his son’ life, keeping Michael and his mother, Christina on tenterhooks as to whether he will ever settle down with them. Brian Friel’s multi award-winning play is a masterpiece, portraying the strength and bravery of five sisters who dance wildly in a final celebration of their lives, before they change forever.

The cast includes: 
Heidi Lewis as Kate, Katie Manougian as Maggie, Sarah Sanderford as Aggie, Tori Chron as Rose, Alexzandria Siprian as Chris, Marshall "Moses" Kutz as Michael, Darren Walker as Jack and Prescott Hersey as Gerry. Jonathan Spear makes his directorial debut at Temple Civic Theatre with this production.

Dancing at Lughnasa
by Brian Friel
Temple Civic Theatre

November 30 - December 09, 2018
Temple Civic Theatre
2413 South 13th Street
Temple, TX, 76504


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