Murder Runs in the Family
by The Palace Theatre

Oct. 19 - Oct. 27, 2018

Jack Sparks is a seedy, wise-cracking private eye. Anyone can tell he’s a detective just by looking at his jacket. And he knows just how to handle his latest job, protecting Heather Pallfeather, whose father died rather mysteriously. The will is to be read at midnight. But which “will” will it be?... The one substituted by the ex-con son-in-law? Or the one switched by the crazy aunt?

Even the butler is a suspect since he carries a gun and seems to know more than he’s telling. Heather’s mother, Mirium, seems a bit batty but she has a plan of her own. And dead bodies pile up like firewood as Jack tries to unravel just who is killing all the Pallfeathers. And he only has until midnight. Unfortunately, the prime suspect is Jack himself. Throw in a lady of mystery, twins who are never seen together, and a thunderstorm and Jack comes to the conclusion that murder runs in the family.

Murder Runs in the Family
by Pat Cook
The Palace Theatre

October 19 - October 27, 2018
The Palace Theatre
133 Heritage Row
Marlin, TX, 76661

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