Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
by MAD Productions

Sep. 06 - Sep. 15, 2018

Cast of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland......

(via MAD Productions)Alice - Tessa Demings 
Artist - David Woodfin 
White Rabbit - Billy Baker 
Mouse - Jillian Bensmen 
Lory - Ian Butler 
Duck - Annabelle Lopez 
Dodo - Chloe Heater 
Caterpillar - Jasmine M Coddington-Landeros 
Tiger Lily -Sofia Saucedo 
Rose - Jessica Teran 
Daisy - Camryn Lee 
Royal Painter - Sam Cantu 
Duchess - Salina Bensman 
Cook - Reese Prater 
Cheshire Cat - Tori Teran 
Tweedle Dee - Janice Prater 
Tweedle Dum - Tim Prater 
Mock Turtle - Jonas Muniz 
Gryphon - Andre Demings 
Mad Hatter - Jasmine M Coddington-Landeros 
March Hare - Tim Prater 
Dormouse - Senna Godbold 
Humpty Dumpty - Cody McKracken 
White Knight - David Woodfin 
Queen - Kendra Christel 
King - Jude Ancelet 
Knave - Reese Prater 
Ensemble: (Cards, Flowers, Wonderland Residents Etc) : Royanne Carol, Victoria Butler, Emma Putman, Tyler Miskell, Senna Godbold, Chloe Heater, Camyrn Lee, Jessica Teran, Ian Butler, Annabell Lopez, Sam Cantu, Jillian Bensman, and Sofia Saucedo

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
by Based on the book by Lewis Carroll and Adapted by Deborah Lynn Frockt
MAD Productions

September 06 - September 15, 2018
unspecified in Texas
Somewhere, TX, 00000

More forthcoming from MAD productions, Round Rock. (July 3, 2018)