FronteraFest Short Fringe 2018
by FronteraFest

Feb. 02, 2018

Amazon, by Cortney DeAngelo. An original piece about an Amazon performer in a world that worships the feminine petite. Written and performed by Cortney DeAngelo. Directed by Estevan J. "Chuy" Zarate.

Con*text: Consent, Consequences, Connection, designed by Gloria C. Adams, directed by Seanan Kristine, produced by Teresa Johnson, written and performed by all three women. “Con,” from the Latin meaning “to be with thoroughly.” A conclave of women convenes to challenge the constructs of power. Accompany them as they conspire to conjure growth through the creation of connection.

Hero On The Clock, by Anthony Ellison. An office Hero emerges from the sheep and gains the leverage to ask for a raise.

The Linklater Question, by C.M. Gill. Is the idea of "true love" a bullshit fairy tale that can't possibly survive the harsh realities of time and "everyday" life? Or can we truly and deeply connect romantically with another person and stay in love with--and steaming hot for--them year after year after year? These and other questions are up for debate in The Linklater Question. Yes, that Linklater. His Before movies are just too damn thought-provoking to ignore, so, really, he had this coming, but, what with the soul searching, puns, and humor that will ensue, perhaps what we'll have is an homage. Or perhaps not. You decide . . .

Rook, with Sarah Marie Curry, Cat Drago, Megan Sherrod, and Walter Nichols (Rook). Rook is a modern musical improv troupe from Austin, Texas. Using a unique blend of synth and piano, drama and comedy, improvisation and theatrical training, Rook is the cutting edge in musical improv. Made up on the spot, emotional and poignant, hilarious and cerebral, this off-off-off-Broadway show will be surprising, delightful, and oh-so-well sung in twenty-five minutes. Rook is good because of training and amazing because of improv.

FronteraFest Short Fringe 2018
by various

February 02, 2018
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

8 p.m.  Tickets $18 plus service fee, available via Hyde Park Theatre website.