Speak No More
by Golden Improv

Jan. 05 - Jan. 27, 2018

The cast of Golden - Silent Improvised Stories have created stunning silent narratives in the style of classic silent comedies on stages in Austin and abroad for years. In 2018, Golden will swell its ranks, discard the stage, and transform comedy into tragedy with its production of Speak No More.

Speak No More is an immersive, wordless, improvised tale inspired by Shakespearean tragedies. Audiences will inhabit the entire performance space, bearing witness to the ghosts of a family of unfortunate souls and their doomed acquaintances as they play out their misfortunes over and over again.

Note: Audience members will be required to wear masks covering their mouths throughout the performance, and although they may move freely throughout the space, they are cautioned to refrain from speaking or touching the performers, for the safety of their eternal souls.


Speak No More
by Golden Improv ensemble
Golden Improv

January 05 - January 27, 2018
Hideout Studios
2505 E 6th St
Austin, TX, 78702

Speak No More will be presented at 8pm-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays in January at the Hideout Studios. (2505 E 6th St #3c, Austin, TX 78702) Tickets for all performances are $13 plus service fee, available online HERE.