COMEDY TONIGHT 2017: Princess Party Smackdown AND Phredipus and the Greeks
by Crystal Sea Drama Company

Nov. 04 - Nov. 11, 2017

Crystal Sea Drama Company has two World Premiere One Acts which will be performed this fall! Join us as we share these hilarious, never-before-seen spoofs. Our awesome actors, technical students, and staff have joined together to bring you the very best in youth theatre entertainment. 


"Princess Party Smackdown"

by Don Zolidis

Seven-year-old Olivia’s mother thinks she is amazing! The seven costumed characters that she’s hired to entertain at Olivia’s birthday party think otherwise. Anyone who has spent an afternoon with a group of spoiled, sugar-addicted children will relate to this over-the-top comedy about how NOT to do a little girl’s birthday party! This hilarious spoof is a world premiere of the latest work by popular Texas playwright, Don Zolidis.


"Phredipus and the Greeks"

by Gwendolyn J. Kandt


Modern Theatre owes much to the Greeks, and this one-act spoofs it all! From the gods, to the Oracle at Delphi, to the Trojan War, to the infamous “deus ex machina”, you’ll learn all about the theatre of ancient Greece and laugh the whole time. We even have Trumpekles Rex and a dancing Greek Chorus Line! Don’t miss this world premiere!

COMEDY TONIGHT 2017: Princess Party Smackdown AND Phredipus and the Greeks
by Don Zolidis and Gwendolyn J. Kandt
Crystal Sea Drama Company

November 04 - November 11, 2017
Crystal Sea Drama Company
8414 Speedway Drive
San Antonio, TX, 78230


"Princess Party Smackdown" & "Phredipus and the Greeks"

November 3-4,  9-11, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $12/Adult; $10/Student, Seniors, Military, SATCO


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Location: 8414 Speedway, San Antonio, Texas, 78230

$12/Adult; $10/Student, Seniors, Military, SATCO

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