ShakesParody after Dark
by touring company

Aug. 17 - Aug. 26, 2017

ShakesParody After Dark features a raucous and wily take on all things Shakespearean. Austin Scottish Rite Theater hosts Tallahassee Florida’s The Mickee Faust Club for six fun-filled evenings of cabaret-style Shakespeare-inspired comedy. Devised and directed by Esther’s Follies founding member Terry Galloway and her long time Faustian collaborators, Donna Marie Nudd and Jimmers Micallef.

The skits and music for ShakesParody were written or adapted by members of Tallahassee’s Mickee Faust Club. Now Austin Scottish Rite Theater joins Faust in bringing together performers with and without disabilities who share a sense of humor and a penchant for Shakespeare. From a hilariously expletive-filled take on Hamlet to the plaintive musing of the soon-to-be extinct Shakespearosaurus, there’s fun to be found by those who love Shakespeare and those who just love a fun night of comedy.

About The Mickee Faust Club:
Housed in a funky warehouse in the middle of Tallahassee’s eccentric Railroad Square Arts Park, the Mickee Faust Club theater company just turned 30 years old. Although Faust is led by giant, profane rat who claims uneasy kinship with a certain unctuous rodent in Orlando, the group has its more sober side. Faust has a long history of inviting and training people in its community — many who are not just underserved but overlooked — and helping them develop their own artistic voices.

Bawdy Shakespeare warning! No one under 18 admitted without a parent or legal guardian.
Captioned performances.

ShakesParody after Dark
by Terry Galloway, Donna Marie Nudd and Jimmers Micallef
touring company

August 17 - August 26, 2017
Scottish Rite Theater
207 West 18th Street
Austin, TX, 78701

Thu Aug 17, 2017 – 8 PM
Fri Aug 18 – 8 PM
Sat Aug 19 – 8 PM
Thu Aug 24 – 8 PM
Fri Aug 25 – 8 PM
Sat Aug 26 – 8 PM

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