Jobey & Katherine
by The Vortex

Apr. 08, 2017

In a small cannery town ruled by The Founder and The God, Jobey and Katherine were lovers. Jobey went away to sea many years ago, and everyone has presumed him dead. Perhaps he is. Now he has returned for Katherine. 

Jobey & Katherine is an absurdist love story about choices and obedience, routine and ambition, connections and relationships, the material world and the spiritual world, simple pleasures and mystical ecstasy, attachment and liberation, God and death, murder, mail, fish, and toast. 

Jobey & Katherine
by Greg Kotis
The Vortex

April 08, 2017
The Vortex
2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

Second Saturday Reading Series

Join us for a FREE reading of Jobey & Katherine by Greg Kotis. Kotis is perhaps best known for having written the book and lyrics of Urinetown, for which he won an Obie Award and two Tony Awards. Jobey & Katherine was his first full-length play, originally produced twice in 1997 and not once since then.  

Greg Kotis had this to say about his play: "It's dense, and unreasonable," and, "There is a lyrical, absurdist, poetic something to be found in the play." Stay after the reading for an informal discussion about what we all find in the play.

Mick D'arcy as Jobey
Melissa Vogt as Katherine
Jonathan Itchon as The Mailman