Much Ado About Nothing (Shit-faced Shakespeare)
by Magnificent Bastard Productions

Jan. 20, 2017

Fans of Drunk History and all its slurred education will fall over laughing at Shit-Faced Shakespeare®, which combines an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely inebriated cast member. For the last six years, Shit-Faced Shakespeare®has been performed in the darkest corners and diviest bars in the U.K., and the cast has finally brought the good time to the US. Side-splitting, raucous and completely unpredictable, the show is fresh off sell-out runs at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe festivals, where cast members drunkenly sing Zayn and occasionally (accidentally, of course) bare a nipple or two. Brush up on your Bard knowledge, and head over to The North Door for Much Ado About Nothing because this is Shakespeare as you never knew you wanted to see him before! Remember to enjoy Shakespeare responsibly.

ONGOING through JANUARY 2017!

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Much Ado About Nothing (Shit-faced Shakespeare)
by William Shakespeare
Magnificent Bastard Productions

January 20, 2017
North Door
502 Brushy St.
Austin, TX, 78702

Bar open at 6:00 pm / Doors at 7:00 / Curtain at 8:00 pm 

Tickets $13.65 including fees, via

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