Our Town
by Temple Civic Theatre

Apr. 01 - Apr. 10, 2016

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David Howe (photo via Temple Daily Telegram News)The cast includes: 
James Kline, Stage Manager
LeeAnn Bledsoe, Emily Webb
Clyde Ciupek, George Gibbs
David Howle, Dr. Frank Gibbs
Julia Smith, Mrs. Julia (Hersey) Gibbs
Daniel Bodhi Chapin, Mr. Charles Webb
Jackie Gauger, Mrs. Myrtle Webb.
Nathan Smith, Joe Crowell
Prescott Hersey, Simon Stimson
John Asbach, Howie Newsome
Olivia Smith, Rebecca Gibbs
Thomas Painter, Wally Webb
Sam Wilds, Professor Willard
George Spelvin, Man in the Auditorium
Rosemary Mathis, Woman in the Balcony
Lori Bridges, Mrs. Louella Soames
Joy Ciupek, Lady in the Box
Alan Mathis, Constable Bill Warren
Sarah Hustus, Samantha Craig
Michael Fox, Joe Stoddard
Assistant Stage Manager, Lindsay Middaugh 

The production staff includes Leon Perkins, director; Dustin Ozment, technical director; Hana Block, stage manager; and Sue Morrisey, costume designer.

"Play Portrays Real Life" - Feature by Annette Nevins in the Temple Daily Telegram News, April 3, 2016

Our Town
by Thornton Wilder
Temple Civic Theatre

April 01 - April 10, 2016
Temple Civic Theatre
2413 South 13th Street
Temple, TX, 76504