Funding Appeal: A Film about Randy Wilson, director of The Theatre Company: BCS to Broadway and Back

We're making a film on life of Randy Wilson, native of Bryan-College Station, TX. Randy is the artistic director of the Theatre Company and has inspired many to pursue their dreams of performance and is a culmination of his incredible life experiences, including starring in Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and in a national tour in the 1970s.
Randy Wilson (via The Theatre Company)



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What's this all about?

Howdy! We're James Cho and Cynthia Bradford, two people who love musical theater and live in Bryan-College Station, and we're making a movie!

We are part of a theater community that we care about very much, and we want to share the story of a hidden gem in the Brazos Valley: Bryan native and Broadway alumnus Randy Wilson.

Randy has served as the artistic director of the Theatre Company of Bryan-College Station for twenty five years. In those years he's created a space for numerous children and adults to discover a love of theater. 

We need financial help to finish the documentary film!


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What We Need & What You Get

The funds will largely go toward paying the expenses for the crew of the film: videographers, editors, and graphic designer. A smaller portion of the funds will go toward subscription for software and other services, and the remaining will go toward travel expenses to shoot with Randy in New York City!

Perks for donating to the project include early access to online clips of the film project, custom designed posters for backers, tickets to premiere screening, and even a meeting with Randy himself!

The film documents the unique experiences of this Brazos native,and will contribute to the history of the Brazos Valley.



Risks & Challenges

Cynthia and I are two members of our community who one day thought it'd be great if we could put Randy's incredible stories together in some way. We are not professional filmmakers or producers, just people who think Randy's amazing life story should be told .

Your risk in funding this project is entrusting this story to a couple of amateur enthusiasts. But we are not alone in this project! So many of our amazing community members have already partnered with us to bring the film project to where it is today. Some of these include The Theatre Company of Bryan-College Station, Brazos Valley Image, Cody Arn Design, Alan Bryant Photography, M'Kate Photography, and The Grand Stafford Theater!

From the start our goal was to get our community involved in the project, and that is one of our greatest assets. Plus, we've already shot most of the interview footage with Randy; whether we make our goal or not, you're gonna get a documentary!


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Other Ways You Can Help

Any amount of financial contribution can help! If you're unable, please share this crowdfunding project with your friends!