Bottle Alley Theatre Seeks 'Haunted' Scripts for Development for Fourth Season

Bottle Alley Theatre Company is seeking plays for our upcoming fourth season, entitled Haunted. We are in the middle of our current third season - We Will Only Be Young For So Long - but are looking to get started on next season with an open submission process. 

Our open submission process is very simple: Send us a play, a half finished play, or even just a few pages and an idea. Completed or partially completed plays shall be read and considered for production. If you have an idea but haven't actually written a script yet, reach out anyway and if we really like the idea then we will help you develop it into a complete play that will then be considered for next season. There are only two requirements - the first is that the piece fit within the theme of the season - Haunted. This word can mean a lot of different things, and we are open to any sort of interpretation of it. The second is that the piece or idea must fit within our general aesthetic which is this: Write something that excites you, something that you would want to see come to life. Write something that is brutally honest, that is off the wall crazy, something that is raw and minimalist and expressive. Something that will leave the audience thinking about what just happened. Something challenging. 
Still interested? 
Submissions of any type can be sent to either or We'll be taking submissions right up until our last show of our current season kicks off - this should be sometime in the winter, so you have a little bit of time to think/write