Video Interview: Survivor Hannah Miley Shares the Rescue Venture Described in KINDERTRANSPORT, Concordia University

[Video via Concordia University, Austin]

Uncover the profound impact of KINDERTRANSPORT through the eyes of Hanna Miley!✨

During a wonderful meeting led by CTX Theatre Director Dr. Kelly Gordon and Dr. Amy Williams, the CTX Theatre students had the privilege of engaging with Hanna, a KINDERTRANSPORT survivor, immersing themselves in her story and the play's history.

Hanna reflects on her incredible journey, highlighting the authenticity of the play.

Between 1938 and the outbreak of the Second World War, almost 10,000 children, most of them Jewish, were sent by their parents from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria to safety in Britain. Diane Samuels' seminal play Kindertransport imagines the fate of one such child. Brutally separated from her German Jewish parents at the age of nine, Eva is brought to England with the promise of a new life. As an adult, Eva (now Evelyn) struggles to come to terms with her past as her own daughter prepares to leave home. 

Kindertransport taps into the universal desire of all parents to do the best by their children and to launch them independently into the world, while understanding the urge to keep them safe in their arms forever.

Director: Dr. Kelly Carolyn Gordon

Set Design: Hsiao-Wei Chen

Costume Design: Madison Murrah

Lighting Design: Kendra Wiley


by Diane Samuels
CTX Theatre - Concordia University

November 09 - November 12, 2023
CTX Theatre - Concordia University
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November 9 - 12, 2023

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