Public Theatre's New President Asia Ciaravino Outlines Finances and Requests Support to Reinstitute Programming

Our CEO's Day One Perspective
& Uniting for Fundraising Success

Hello artists, supporters, and friends of The Public Theater of San Antonio —

I am honored and excited to begin my first day today! — As your new President & CEO of The Public Theater of San Antonio. It is with a deep sense of responsibility and enthusiasm that I step into this role, leading an organization that has been a cornerstone of our community's cultural tapestry for years. As we embark on this journey together, I am filled with a profound commitment to upholding our legacy of artistic excellence while also charting a course for an even more vibrant and inclusive future. Your unwavering support and passion for the arts will be integral to the success of our collective endeavors, and I am eager to collaborate with each of you as we continue to enrich the lives of those we serve through the power of theater.

As you may have seen, the theater is well underway in an emergency fundraising campaign effort we have aptly titled, Save the Playhouse. Within just two short weeks since this campaign’s launch, our team has secured over $80,000 towards our $500,000 goal. But this is just the beginning. We have a long way to go, and during this multi-month effort, we are dedicated to updating you every step of the way as we work towards sustainability and responsibly producing high quality theatre for generations to come.

When our leadership team came on board in early August and got full access to our finances, we discovered just over $150,000 in unpaid bills and less than two weeks of operating funds in our bank. In the midst of opening Merrily We Roll Along, our team relied heavily on ticket and bar sales as well as current and new donors to stretch us to today. Each production's total expenses are budgeted at about $165,000 making Twelfth Night an unfortunate impossibility. In addition, our monthly operating expenses average around $45,000.

To summarize, we are currently looking at:

  • $150,000 — Outstanding Bills
  • $165,000 — Our Holiday Show
  • $185,000 — Our September - December operating expenses at roughly $45,000/month
  • TOTAL — $500,000

My first and immediate priority is to launch our team into strategic and business planning to solidify our path to sustainability as we move forward into 2024. Diversifying and maximizing our revenue is a major focus of this planning and will include:

  • Strategic show selections that achieve our mission as well as bring audiences back to the theater
  • Relaunching a robust Education Program (help us get started by giving feedback here!)
  • Revamping our Venue Rental program
  • Hosting ongoing fundraising events 
  • Reigniting and healing our relationships with the Corporate and Foundation community
As we venture into this exciting, yet challenging new chapter of The Public Theater of San Antonio, I am acutely aware of the importance of leading with transparency, establishing trust, and promoting healing in our community. Change and growth can sometimes stir uncertainty, and I believe that through open communication, collaboration, and a shared dedication to our mission, we can forge a path that honors our past while embracing a future filled with possibilities. Your continued support, engagement, and belief in the transformative power of the arts will be the foundation upon which we build this next phase. Together, we will not only create exceptional theater experiences but also foster an environment where our theater community flourishes. After all, #TheatreBuildsCommunity.

Asia Ciaravino
President & CEO
The Public Theater of San Antonio