Charissa Whillock Talks about Dealing with Stage Fright

Does performing on stage make you itchy? Did you have an incredibly traumatic experience on stage you can't seem to get over? Well, I can't guarantee that this video will fix everything...but watch it and then let me know if it helps even just a little. I promise I got some good helpful tips in there! Just know that this whole performing in front of people thing... Its a practice in itself. Its not an on/off switch. Practice applies to this, too, and I am so excited to see where your practice takes you, my friend. 

Intro & Stage Fright Culmination 0:00 Stage Fright Re-Frame 1:28 Intro to Actionable Steps to Eliminate Stage Fright 2:48 Practice. Your. Materials. 3:05 One Person Audience 4:00 Small, Curated Audience 6:08 Including Constructive Criticism 6:49 Ending Remarks 9:24

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