Opportunity: Technical Director, Fulltime, Wimberley Players

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Submit cover letter, resume, list of three references and link to your website or online portfolio at https://www.wimberleyplayers.org/jobs.

Salary: $45,000 - $50,000  annually 

Experience: At least three years of hands-on experience in a wide variety of technical areas in theater production

Bachelor’s Degree in theatre (BFA or MFA preferred) OR equivalent theatre work experience

Proficiency with carpentry and engineering for theatrical production

Knowledge of lighting, sound and camera systems and ability to operate related equipment effectively

Contact Information:

Trish Rigdon Managing Artistic Director

 Managing ArtisticDirector@wimberleyplayers.org 




Position: Technical Director

The Technical Director (TD) is responsible for the technical operations of The Wimberley Players, including set and properties construction, collaboration with lighting designers (as Master Electrician) and sound designers (as Sound Engineer). The TD will occasionally be offered the opportunity to design in one or more areas based on individual strengths and the needs of the production.


The Technical Director promotes and oversees safe-working practices, provides production oversight for the use of the theatre spaces by outside groups and facilitates repair and maintenance of the theatre resources and equipment. Key to this is a strong work ethic centered on excellent organizational skills and the ability to develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships and communications with all artistic parties (directors, designers, actors, etc.), as well as administrative staff, board members, and volunteers. The Wimberley Players are committed to fostering a sense of community with all people of diverse racial, ethnic, economic and LGBTQIA+ backgrounds.

General Duties

● Coordinate annual and individual production budget with Artistic Director and/or representative(s) from the Board of Directors

○ oversight for the technical portion of production budget, to prevent overages

  • ●  Maintain and safeguard the technical assets of the theatre

  • ●  Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding major capital purchases of technical


  • ●  Procure or upgrade equipment as approved by the Board of Directors

  • ●  Maintain an inventory list of tools and equipment on hand to meet technical requirements for

    productions (including but not limited to power tools, soft goods, scenic elements, etc.)

  • ●  Assist in recruiting, training and assignment of volunteers or paid technical staff for individual productions or events

  • ●  Organizes and maintains all backstage, under stage, shop, and off-sight storage spaces

Production Duties

  • ●  Provide directors and lighting, scenic and sound designers with technical specifications, drawings of theatre, cost breakdowns, budgets, and production calendar

  • ●  Oversee, manage, and facilitate set Construction and Maintenance

  • ○  Draft and execute construction drawings as needed

  • ○  Schedule set construction

  • ○  Acquire needed building materials

  • ○  Recruit, supervise, and manage construction crews

  • ○  Perform set repairs and maintenance as needed during the run of a production

  • ●  Assist production Director, Properties Artists, and Producer in identifying, procuring, and building props as needed

  • ●  Conduct the hang and focus of the light plot as provided by lighting designer including circuiting, color, troubleshooting, and changes during the tech/dress process

  • ○  Acquire color, lamps, and additional lighting materials as needed

  • ○  Maintain lighting inventory and dimming and control systems

● Facilitate placement of speakers and other sound devices as specified by the Sound Designer for each production

  • ○  Acquire sound materials such as batteries for wireless headsets

  • ○  Maintain sound equipment (microphones, etc.) and control system

  • ○  Set up and maintain communication equipment for tech/dress and performances

● Set up video cameras, computers, and projection equipment as needed for the production ● Facilitates and schedules strikes after production closes

○ Recruit and oversee volunteer crews for strikes

  • ●  Set up & strike tech tables and associated equipment for each production

  • ●  Assure the lobby, theatre, and front porches are clear of unneeded production related items

    and that items are returned to storage before a show opens

  • ●  Attend all technical and dress rehearsals, in order to supervise and assist in all technical aspects

    of mounting the show

  • ●  Be present and available opening night performances in the event of technical emergency

  • ●  Be on-Call for emergencies during performance runs

  • ●  Provide written updates to the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings. Attendance

    for the full meeting is optional

  • ●  Serve as emergency, short-term substitute for technical positions for main stage productions as




Implements and monitors policies and industry best practices to ensure a safe work

environment in all production spaces (backstage, workshop, booth, etc.) in accordance with

OSHA requirements

● Promotes and maintains professional theater safety best operating practices in accordance with

OSHA requirements

○ Primary oversight that these practices are also followed by volunteers, interns, guests,

and contractors in production areas

● Maintain and provide Material Safety Data Sheets for substances and products as required by

● Document and report all safety related events

● Follows the policies and procedures as laid out in the Wimberley Players Safety Manual