Glass Half Full Theatre Company Names Indigo Rael and Gricelda Silva Co-Artistic Directors

Please join me in welcoming Gricelda Silva and Indigo Rael to their new roles as Co-Artistic Directors of Glass Half Full Theatre! 

Gricelda as Constance in Simple Sundries, 2015. Indigo as Polly Mermaid in Trash Talks with Polly Mermaid, 2019.

Because of Glass Half Full Theatre I have traversed post-apocalyptic waters on a shopping cart as the child of a woman and her Styrofoam head lover, played hide and seek with a pet duck in a forest, ran a business that's location was reclaimed by a flock of monk parakeets, scuba dove with plastic and Polly Mermaid, worked on the U.S./Mexico border wall, and lived in a basement full of poesía. I have grown so much through the eyes and hearts of all the characters I have portrayed and helped develop that it only made sense to continue growing within the company as well! As a Co-Artistic Director, I look forward to reaching many more bilingual children and continuing to push the essential themes of Hope and Empathetic Endurance. I am thrilled to embark on this journey with Caroline and Indigo and can't wait to see what comes from the powers of this mighty triad.

   -Gricelda Silva, Co-Artistic Director

I decided to move to Austin in 2008 to pursue an acting career, but found myself wandering the alleyways collecting plastic garbage, crafting it into a mermaid costume and bringing awareness about the environment. When I saw Caroline and Gricelda performing The Orchid Flotilla, I was stunned to discover other artists who played with trash so beautifully. Since joining the company as “The Duck” in the international tour of Petra and the Wolf, I discovered that I was more passionate about hiding behind a puppet than being a movie star. Now I know that anything is possible when you collaborate with talented people. As a Co-Artistic Director with Glass Half Full Theatre, I look forward to creating more digital media opportunities that help the earth stay hopeful and healthy.

     -Indigo Rael, Co-Artistic Director
Here they are together in 2016 at Petra and Duck, from Petra and the Wolf.

A Note from Caroline:
This is a move that more truly represents the role these artistic partners have had in the collaborative process of the company for many years. As we transition into Non-Profit status, Indigo and Gricelda will have bigger roles in guiding the productions, events, and educational opportunities we create, and to explore and expand further opportunities.  They are amazing performers, collaborators, and humans.  Please drop them a note of congratulations at their emails listed above. 

 We're hoping this also means I'll get to step back onstage more often, with the Artistic leadership shared by three. I've missed it, and you.   
See you soon! Stay tuned for the Austin Puppet Incident on November 5th and 6th.  

  Love, Caroline Reck (Co-Artistic Director and Company Manager)