Video Promo: PRELUDES/BEGINNINGS by Steven Mills, Ballet Austin, Streaming April 15 - 25, 2021

Ballet Austin presents the World Premiere of Stephen Mills’ dance film, PRELUDES/BEGINNINGS, offered free of charge to the public and available online April 15th – 25th.

et to Frédéric Chopin’s 24 Preludes for solo piano and filmed on-site at the historic Scottish Rite Theater, the ballet is both a reflection of the history of the theater and an acknowledgment of the challenging year experienced by all.

Sign-up to view the full-length film for free at: Whispers of the past and present come together in the dark of the Scottish Rite Theater, where it has been said that the spirits of the convalescents housed there during the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic still roam the corridors to this day.

The film is centered around the tradition of a “ghost light” being placed on stage at night while the theater is empty to keep the ghosts from haunting. However, in PRELUDES/BEGINNINGS, the ghosts come out to dance through the night, returning to the rafters before dawn. This work, performed by Ballet Austin’s Company dancers, honors what has been lost while keeping hope that new beginnings are on the horizon.

PRELUDES/BEGINNINGS is dedicated to our frontline workers, both past and present.

Parental guidance suggested. Recommended for viewers ages 10 and up.

Concept & Choreography: Stephen Mills

Story: Stephen Mills & Paul Michael Bloodgood

Music: Frédéric Chopin, Performed by Martha Argerich

Executive Producers: Stephen Mills & Cookie Ruiz

C.F.R.E. Producers: Paul Michael Bloodgood & Jordan Moser

Director of Photography: Jordan Moser

Directed & Edited by: Paul Michael Bloodgood

Copyright ©2021 Ballet Austin Incorporated. All rights reserved.

by Stephen Mills, Frédéric Chopin
Ballet Austin

April 15 - April 25, 2021
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700

Streaming without charge from Ballet Austin, April 15 - 25, 2021. CLICK HERE.