Funding Appeal: ROXIE CARES Campaign, Roxie Theatre, San Antonio


(via Roxie Theatre)Anyone whose has been to the Roxie to experience the intimate type of show that can only be done at the Roxie Theatre understands that there are few experiences like it in San Antonio.   For the first time in the 13 year history of the our THEATRE COMPANY we had to close our doors until further notice as mandated by the State of Texas.  (click here for info and to donate)

Roxie Theatre has always been the home of fantastic shows and performers who bring their very best to San Antonio.  Unfortunately, those bartenders, musicians, artists, and box office assistants who previously helped, now find themselves without that income as a result of the temporary closure of the Roxie Theatre.  Many of our team relied on ticket sales and bar sales as their sole source of income.  

Recently a regular patron asked if they could donate what they would have spent on tickets and at the bar at an average show to support the team here at the Roxie. This generous thought inspired me to set up this campaign page.  Any funds will be used to assist our musicians, sound crew, and production team by keeping the theatre alive so when we return to normal when this crisis is over. Also, to provide music and entertainment during this time when people cannot go out to live shows, we can bring glimpses of live shows to your computer.

We appreciate your generosity.  If you cannot donate, then a positive - hopeful message is greatly appreciated!  We cannot wait to get back to entertaining you and serving drinks.  In the mean time, we will be doing it online with the ROXIE CARES CAMPAIGN.


(click here for info and to donate)